Where Are They Now?




Since 1998 I have been involved with the training of the Prosecutors, both Regional and High Courts:

  • Wynberg, Bellville, Parow, Cape Town, Kuilsrivier and Strand
  • Workshop for Advocates (Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Cape) Piketberg – 1999
  • Workshop (Mthatha Child Abuse Resource Centre) at Mthatha – March 2000
  • Sexual Offences Senior (National Director of Public Prosecutions) at Pollsmoor Prison – July 2000
  • Directorate of Special Operations Conference (Scorpions Advocates) at Club Mykonos – March 2001
  • Justice College : Advanced decentralised course for Prosecutors, Strand, Cape Town at Strand Beach Hotel – November 2001
  • Justice College : Advanced decentralised course for Prosecutors, Gordons’ Bay, Cape Town at Van Riebeeck Hotel – 2003
  • Director of Public Prosecutions Eastern Cape Training – Grahamstown High Court – 2005
  • Justice College : Advanced decentralised course for Prosecutors at Summerstrand Hotel, Port Elizabeth – 2008
  • DNA project (Vanessa Lynch) and DNA awareness for prosecutors since 2009 to 2011.
  • Guest lecturer since 2015 for the Forensic Law module as part of the LLM course at University of Stellenbosch



  • Since 2003 I have been involved with Professor Louise Warnich from the Department of Genetics University of Stellenbosch for the following:
  • Genetics 344 (Practical) 2003
  • Genetics Honours Class since 2004. This is has become an annual excursion for the students.


  • Since 2003 I have been involved in assisting Professor Sean Davison from the University of the Western Cape in the Forensic Science module for the Honours students.


  • Since 2011 I have been involved in lectures at the University of Cape Town in presenting Forensic Modules for the Honours Genetics students – Dr Jeanne Rousseau and Dr Marise Heyns.


  • Since 2010 I have been involved in the planning and structuring of the Forensic Modules being presented at the Honours Genetics Course at the University of the Free State.


  • I assisted Professor Lirieka Meintjes-Van der Walt from the Rhodes University in Grahamstown in the providing of Forensic knowledge in the publishing of her text book for lawyers namely “DNA Evidence for the Courtroom”




ORGANISATION                              Cape Teaching Department

STATION                                           Hangklip High School (Queenstown)

PERIOD                                             1987 – 1990

POST                                                 Teacher

DUTIES                                             Teaching Biology, Natural Sciences and General Sciences

Std 6 – 10 (Higher Grade and Standard Grade)


ORGANISATION                                South African Police Service

STATION                                             Hogsback

PERIOD                                               December 1990 to January 1993

POST                                                  Senior Administrative Clerk (SAC)

DUTIES                                               Administrative


ORGANISATION                               South African Police Service

STATION                                            Local Criminal Record Centre – John Vorster Plain


PERIOD                                               January 1993 to October 1993

POST                                                   Head Administrative Official (HRM) : Human Resource

Management of : 108 members, 44 vehicles for LCRC-John

Vorster Plain, Sandton, HEKRO and Germiston.

Assistant to Colonel P. Voster (Commander)



ORGANISATION                                  South African Police Service

STATION                                               Forensic Science Laboratory : Silverton (Pretoria)

PERIOD                                                 November 1993 – December 1997

POST                                                      Forensic Analyst (Biology Unit)

DUTIES                                                   Biological and DNA analysis of exhibits


ORGANISATION                                South African Police Service

STATION                                              Forensic Science laboratory : Cape Town

PERIOD                                                January 1998 – Present

POST                                                     Forensic Analyst (Biology Unit)

DUTIES                                                 Biological and DNA analysis of exhibits

Supervising and management of DNA Casework and

Reporting Officers




Assistant Forensic Analyst             –        November 1993-November 1994

Forensic Analyst (Captain)             –        November 1994 – May 1997

Senior Forensic Analyst (Superintendent) –  May 1997 – May 1999

Principal Forensic Analyst              –         May 1999 – November 2001

Chief Forensic Analyst                    –          November 2001 – April 2010

Chief Forensic Analyst                    –           April 2010 – Present

(Lieutenant Colonel)






1987   –   Track Official (Athletics)

1987 and 1997 – First Aid Level 1

2007   – Swimming Official (Timekeeping)

2009  –  Qualified Electronic Timekeeper (Swimming)

Registered  National S A Swimming Official


1994 – Serology In-Service Training – Forensic Science Laboratory ( Silverton, Pretoria)

  • Health and Safety
  • Opening of Parcels/Exhibits
  • Preliminary Testing for Bodily fluids on exhibits
  • Species determination
  • Determination of blood groups/substances in semen and blood (Inhibition and Elution)
  • Secretor Status (Lewis systems)
  • Enzyme testing (Phosphoglucomutase)

1996 – Basic DNA  and DNA extraction Techniques (May 1996)

1996 (August) – HLA/Polimarker training

  • PCR setup
  • HLA/PM typing and colouring
  • Interpretation

1997 (February) – D1S80 mini satellite training

  • Minigel for quantification
  • PCR setup for D1S80
  • Electrophoresis and Silver staining techniques
  • Population genetics Paternity statistics training

1997 – S A Police Orientation Course – S A Police College, Pretoria

1997, April – Quantiblot Training

1997, October – STR (Short Tandem Repeat) Training

  • Introduction to STR’s
  • PCR setup for STR’s
  • Gel Electrophoresis for STR’s
  • Data analysis techniques (Genescan en Genotyper)

1998 – Perlemoen (Abalone) DNA techniques (Dr Neville Sweijd, University of Cape Town)

  • Extraction of DNA
  • PCR setup for Perlemoen DNA
  • Restriction enzymes
  • Restricted length polimorphysm and techniques

2007 – Fragment length polimorphysm (Genemapper ID) Applied Biosystems    (Johannesburg)

2012, December – DNA View (Kinship calculations) – presented by Dr Charles Brenner (Berkeley, California, USA)

2013, July – Health and Safety for Supervisors (Mowbray, Cape Town)




1993 – FSL Serology Seminar (Blood Grouping) – Pretoria

1994 – FSL Serology Seminar (Enzymes) – Pretoria

1996 – Basic Statistics Workshop (FSL Pretoria, Prof. Bruce Weir, North Carolina State University)

1997 – Expert Testimony Workshop (Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg)

1997 – ASGEP-STR workshop at FSL, Pretoria

1998 – DNA in practice in Southern Africa – International workshop at TAU lodge, North-West Province

1999 – 5th International Conference on DNA fingerprinting at University of Port Elizabeth

  • Presentation – “A Forensic Application of a PCR-based identification of Perlemoen”

1999, December – 4th International Conference on Forensic statistics at North Carolina State University (USA)

2001 – International Human Identification Meeting (STR) TAU lodge (North West Province)

2002 – 1st African Interpol DNA User’s Meeting at Monte Casino (Johannesburg)

  • Presented a Poster titled “Incest: A Paternity case: One-step Mutation”

2003 – 1st African Forensic Congress at Zebra Country Lodge (Pretoria)

  • Presented a poster titled ”Blood, Sweat and DNA”

2006 – 1st Mini Forensic Conference at Stellenbosch Lodge (Stellenbosch)

  • Presentation on the Y-chromosome and the SRY effect titled “ To be a male or not to be….That is the question”

2007 – 2nd Mini conference at Tygerberg Hospital Conference Centre

2015 – 3rd Forensic science International Conference at CSIR Pretoria



I have a passion for the work that I do. Whether it is in giving training or being involved in case work.

This is clear in the following statistics:

  • I have given expert DNA testimony in 510 cases (both Regional and High Court)(records are available)
  • I have completed 10 000 cases (records are available)

These are a few high profile cases I have been involved in:

  • 1995 – The rape and attempted murder of “Alison” by two Satanists – Humewood Cas 621/12/94 (Lab 5454/95)
  • 2000 – the Fairhead double murder of the mother and daughter (Fish River) – Seafield CR 15/01/2000 (Lab 7191/00)

The consequent appearance in “Criminal Minds” – a series on television

  • 2001 – The murder of Me Marike de Klerk – Table View Cas 60/12/01 (Lab 107767/01)
  • 2004 – The serial rapist (“Navy seaman”) – Nyanga cases and others
  • 2005 – The murder of Inge Lotz – Cloetesville Cas 290/03/05 (Lab 57931/05)
  • 2010 – The murder of Chanelle du Toit – Franschoek Cas 39/07/10 (Lab 128233/10)
  • 2010 – The rape of a 14-year old German tourist – Addo Cas 133/07/10 (Lab 133954/10)
  • 2013 – The gruesome murder and mutilation of Charne Marais – Kraaifontein Cas  663/01/13 (Lab 15196/13)
  • 2015 – The murder of 3 family members and assault of one in Stellenbosch Cas 645/01/2015 (Lab 22609/15)


I have successfully completed 96 proficiency tests:

  • 10 International, 12 National and 74 Internal Proficiency tests (Records are available)

Whether I live out my passion in the performing of DNA Casework, or whether it is the transfer of information to clients or even mentoring and supervising younger and less experienced colleagues – this is the work I love and enjoy:

To fulfil the dream of making a difference in South Africa.



Private Practice

1995 – Present

Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgeon


Cradock High School – 1980 Matric Senior Certificate
Stellenbosch University – 1986 BCh D
Stellenbosch University – 1994 MCh D (Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery

(Cum Laude)


MediaNet New York

Cologne – April 2005

Conducted by Tom Mucciolo

Speaker Training Program

Trainer-for-Trainers of the computer guided surgery software program,

Frankfurt, Germany.

16-18 November 2005

Facilitating further trainers in South Africa


Nobel Biocare World Conference,

Las Vegas – 2005

  • Incorporating dental implants in private practice.
  • Invited Speaker
Nobel Biocare World Tour 2006

Sun City, South Africa – 9-11 April 2006

  • Live satellite transmission of surgery: All-on-Four Guided restorable teeth.
  • Live surgery: Restoring an unrestorable tooth with a dental implant.
Nobel Biocare World Tour, 2006

Rimini, Italy – October 2006

  • Expert panel member
  • Presentation
  • Course Conductor – Incorporating dental implants into daily practice.
Nobel Biocare World Tour 2007

Las Vegas – 21-24 May 2007

To date the largest Implant Congress held globally (10 000 participants)

  • Scientific Advisory Committee. Evaluation of all poster presentations for participation in the congress.
  • Judge for the prize awarded to the young clinician competition
  • Global Expert Panel NobelDirect Implants.
  • Presentation Research done on bone remodeling at the practice of Dr. L.C. Swart on NobelDirect implants.
Nobel Biocare World Tour 2007

Japan 2007

  • Modurator – Live surgery by satellite transmission.
  • Commentator – Live surgery by satellite transmission.
  • Expert Panel Member
  • Presenter
Nobel Biocare World Tour 2008

Shanghai, China 25-27 April 2008

  • Modurator – Various live surgeries by satellite transmission.
  • Commentator – Various live surgeries by satellite transmission.
  • Expert Panel Member – All on Four, speedy implants, direct implants.
  • Course member – Special workshop: The use of Procera in implant reconstruction.


Tygerberg Dental Faculty

5 November 2004

Live surgery for UWC Implant Diploma Course

  • Live transmission of surgery: Replacement of unrestorable teeth.
Tygerberg Dental Faculty

28 August 2008

Live surgery for UWC Implant Diploma Course

  • Live transmission of surgery: Immediate placement of NobelActive implants.


Merit Award for Contributions to the South African Dental Fraternity.

SASDI – August 2008

Durban, South Africa.


Trilinerary International Congress

UK, Netherlands, South Africa,

Amsterdam 2002

  • Treatment of the over-erupted mandibular anterior teeth.
  • L C Swart, P P van Zyl, P Wolfaardt


XIIth Congress of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery

The Hague, The Netherlands,

5-10 September 1994

  • A Study to Compare Protection Offered by Different Surgical Gloves.
  • L C Swart, F W Grotepass, A J  van der Westhuijzen
XIIIth Congress of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery

Zurich, Switzerland – September 1996

  • Evaluation of Biogel Reveal Gloves in Maxillo-Facial and Oral surgery.
  • L C Swart, F W Grotepass.



University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town

IADR 27th Science Congress, Cape Town

8-10 September 1993

  • Using a Database to Build a Sound Foundation for Clinical Research.
  • L C Swart, F W Grotepass
Tygerberg Ear, Nose & Throat Dept

July 1993

  • Where does MFOS fit in with Ear, Nose and Throat
Tygerberg & Groote Schuur Ear, Nose & Throat Departments

July 1993

  • Treatment of Facial Fractures.
International Association of Dental Research

March 1993

  • A Study to Compare the Protection Offered by Different Surgical Gloves.
  • L C Swart, F W Grotepass, A J van der Westhuijzen.
DASA Mini Course, Cape Town

March 1994

  • A Preliminary Evaluation Report on Glove Perforations in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery.
  • L C Swart
DASA Mini Congress, Tygerberg Hospital

August 1995

  • The Incidence of HIV Positive Patients in the Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery Theatre.
  • L C Swart
Meeting of the Branch of

Dental Association at Goudini

January 1995

  • Third Molar Removals and Nerve Damage.
  • L C Swart
DASA Congress – Africa 2000

 The Challenge to Dentistry

August 1997

  • Conscious Sedation in Private Practice.  A Preliminary Report of 50 Cases.
Western Cape Branch of Oral Hygienist Annual Meeting

November 1999

  • Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery in Private Practice.
  • Guest Lecturer.
Western Cape Branch of Oral Hygienist Annual Meeting

February 2000

  • Cysts of the Maxillofacial and Oral Regions and Odontogenic Tumours
  • Guest Lecturer
Cape Town, South Africa

August 2000

  • The Rehabilitation of the Partially Edentulous Patient with an Implant Supported Prostheses.
Cape Town, South Africa

August 2001

  • Bone Regeneration Course.
Western Province Medical Command

April 2001

  • The Use of Orthognatic Surgery to Correct Skeletal Abnormalities
  • L C Swart.
Tygerberg Hospital


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Dentistry: Sedation and Pain Control.
  • Invited Lecturer.
Villa Via, Gordons Bay

October 2002

  • Touching Back on Basics.
  • L C Swart (Congress Organizer & Lecturer)
Academy of Prosthodontics – APSA Symposium

October 2003

  • Immediate Placement of the Perfect Implant.
South African Society of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons Roadshow


  • Topic: Putting Conscious Sedation in Perspective.

1.     July 2003 – Midrand

2.     Aug 2003 – Port Elizabeth

3.     Aug 2003 – Bloemfontein

4.     Oct 2003 – Durban

5.     Feb 2004 – Cape Town

Nobel Biocare Implants

Sandton Convention Centre, Sandton

September 2004

  • 9 month follow-up.
CSWLZ Implant Study Group

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. 2008

  • Ethical and Clinical Activities
  • L C Swart, P van Zyl, P Wolfaardt.
SASMFOS Annual CongressKwa-Maritane – September 2004
  • Maxillary Reconstruction after Ablative Oncology Surgery.
  • Nobel Perfect Dental Implants – A Preliminary Review.
South African Dental Association – Country Meeting

Goudini Spa – 27 August 2005

  • The need for New Implant Development.
SAS Saldanha

3 March 2006

  • Implant Dentistry in the Armed Forces.
Louis Leipoldt Hospital

6 May 2006

  • SATS Lecture: Using Implants to Relieve Edentolousm.
Protea Hotel Marine

Port Elizabeth – 14-16 August 2006

  • Edentulous Maxillary Reconstruction with Four, Six or Eight Implants.
South African Society of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons Roadshow

September 2006

  • Topic: Implant Systems and New Advances

1.     Bloemfonten – 9 Sept 2006

2.   Cape Town – 30 Sept 2006

NobelDirect Implants

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

14-15 September 2007

  • Implantology – The Full Circle
  • Congress Organizer & Presentation

Gallagher Estate, Midrand

16 November 2007

  • Guided Surgery in Implant Dentistry.
  • Complectere Vicissitudo (Embrace Change)


Introduction to Dental Implants- Hands on Courses to Different Groups of Dentists.

November 1997

March 1998

April 1998

May 2000

June 2000

September 2000

October 2000

November 2000

Advanced Dental Implant Course Louis Leipoldt Hospital, Cape Town  June 2001.

L C Swart

Advanced ITI Implant Dentistry Course Kievits Kroon Country Estate

7-8 October 2005

Computer-Based Solutions with


Zevenwacht Wine Estate, Cape Town 17-18 February 2006.
Computer-Based Solutions with


Zevenwacht Wine Estate, Cape Town 9-10 June 2006.
Computer-Based Solutions with


Zevenwacht Wine Estate, CapeTown – 28-29 July 2006.
Computer-Based Solutions with


Zevenwacht Wine Estate, Cape Town 25-26 August 2006.
Computer-Based Solutions with


Zevenwacht Wine Estate, Cape Town 23-24 February 2007.
Computer-Based Solutions with


Zevenwacht Wine Estate, Cape Town 31 August – 1 September 2007


  • Advisory Board Member – NobelActive.
  • Johannesburg – 15 March 2008.


Surgical & Prosthetic Management of the Implant Patient New Orleans – May 1992
Annual Congress EACMS Den Haag – 1994
Simultaneous Aesthetic Procedures in Orthognatic Surgery Bruges, Belgium – 1994
Orthognatic Surgery – The Disappointing Result Nijmegen, Netherlands – 1994
Academic Breakfast Meeting with Dr. White on Orthognatic Surgery Boston – 1999
Practical Reviews in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons 1994 – 2002
Annual Meeting of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Boston – 1999
15th International Conference on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery May 2001
Continuing Educational Program on Dental Implants Cape Town – 2001
ITI World Symposium 2002

Exploring Current Trends in Implant Dentistry with an Evidence-based Approach

San Diego, California, USA – October 2002
SADA International Dental Exhibition and Congress

L C Swart

International Convention Centre, Durban – August 2002
SASMFOS Congress – TMJ Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow V&A Waterfront, Cape Town – October 2003
International Academy of Periodontology Congress Cape Town International Convention Centre – October 2003
Symposium on Implantology Cape Town International Convention Centre – October 2003
Crowns & Bridges and Implants Sandton Convention Centre, Sandton – March 2004
EAO – Implant Congress Euro-Disney, Paris – October 2004
Report-back on NobelBiocare World Congress in Las Vegas President Hotel, Sea Point – 24 August 2005
Surgical and Prosthetic Implant Dentistry Course – CSDI Spier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch – 13-14 April 2007
CSDI Meeting Club Mykonos, Langebaan – 30 May 2008


Submasseteric and Submandibular Abscesses with Osteomyelitis

A case report

L C Swart, L Janse van Rensburg &

B M Berezowski


Dental Update 1994:6(12): 21-22

A Study to Determine the Protection Offered by Surgical Gloves L C Swart, F W Grotepass &

A J van der Westhuijzen


Trauma & Emergency Medicine 1995;12(3): 108-110

Perforation of a Nasotracheal Tube J A Roelofse & L C Swart


Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 1995;53: 1358-1359

Glove Perforation During Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery L C Swart, F W Grotepass &

A J van der Westhuijzen


Journal of Dental Research 1994;73(4):987

An Observer-blind Randomized Parallel Group Study Comparing the Efficacy and Tolerability of Tenoxicam and Piroxicam in the Treatment of Post-operative Pain After Oral Surgery J A Roelofse, L C Swart & I A Stander.


Journal of the Dental Association of South Africa 1996:51: 707-711.

Simplifying the Implant Treatment for an Unrestorable Premolar with One-piece Implant: A clinical report Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.  Volume 100, Issue 2, August 2008, Pages 81-85.


A Study to Compare Protection Offered by Different Surgical Gloves L C Swart, F W Grotepass &

A J van der Westhuijzen


Academic Year Day, University of Stellenbosch, August 1994.




  • President of the Cape Town Society of Dental Implantology (CSDI)
  • Full Member:
    • South African Dental Association
    • South African Society of MFOS
    • International Association of OMFS
    • British Society of Dental Anaesthetists
    • SA Society of Implantology
  • Other Memberships
    • British Association of OMFS – Associate Member
    • British Dental Association – Overseas Member


  • Organization Committee of the Annual MFOS Congress – 1999 + 2000 + 2003
  • Invited Session Chairman on Conscious Sedation at the Annual Congress of the South African Society of MFOS – 1999.
  • Invited Private Practitioner to judge the best MFOS registrar paper for the prestigious Leibinger Prize 1999 – MFOS Congress, Gordons Bay.

I studied Computer Programming after matric and had a career in the IT industry for 9 years. I had to change careers and landed a job at South African Breweries in 1997 when my husband was transferred and there were no software developing companies in Polokwane.  I started my SAB career in operations on the warehouse floor and worked my way up; I was promoted to executive in 2012 in the position of Inbound Logistic Manager for South African Breweries at the Sandton Head Office after filling various roles across all Supply Chain functions over the years.

Currently I am managing a team of specialists, planners and controllers who are responsible for all inbounds logistics operations to delivery raw materials from foreign suppliers to all seven SAB manufacturing plants.  My team is accountable for optimising the logistics processes across various functions and stakeholders to ensure total cost of ownership and on time in full delivery with a budget in excess of R2billjoen per year.

My portfolio also includes the management of import planning for selected international brands, optimizing CO2 across the beer and soft drinks grid and managing the transport operations from the two malting plants to all our manufacturing sites.

Although I am extremely busy at work and often work long hours, I find my job very fulfilling; SAB is a challenging workplace, filled with talented, passionate and highly motivated people delivering exceptional results.

Thank you very much for everything you do to keep us proud of CHS!  Believe me Nil Nisi Nitendo has been in my mind very, very often through the years – it took very hard work and immense determination to climb the SAB ladder; I now teach my children Nil Nisi Nitendo – and hope it will also serve them as well!

What an incredible two year journey this has been. I gained much more than just a degree, I gained a whole new international family of friends. I started the programme with ambition, pride and ego and I finished with gratefulness, humility and courage. It should really be called Masters of Life Administration lol
Thank you to each and every Hultie, Prof and Coach for all the laughs, hugs, encouragement, constructive feedback, support and love – without you I would not have transformed into becoming a Big Blue Person! Not to mention my family and friends, I would literally not have been fortunate enough to receive this scroll if it was not for all your support and encouragement,Thank you! I am incredibly blessed

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